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"Thank you for choosing Immobilien Hauf as your destination for home sales, rentals, and temporary lodging facility. Immobilien Hauf was founded from an early love for construction, architecture and design. We provide our clients with reliable, informative valuations of market trends and the guidance for optimising the real estate market."

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Beautiful, modern apartment homes located within the Kaiserslautern Military Community and many of its surrounding military installations. Enjoy your home away from home with a fully equipped kitchen, modern furnishings, high speed Internet, free biweekly cleaning services, a washer and dryer and vehicle. 


Immobilien Hauf is an independent real estate company located within the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany. We assist German and International clients with purchasing or selling residential homes in Germany. Our experience-based knowledge with German residential properties aide with providing our clients with knowledgable consulting using predictable value appreciation tools. Immobilien Hauf will offer valued advice if your are in search of your dream property or are determining the valuation of your home for selling, we assist our clients throughout the entire purchasing or selling process.

Unser erfahrungsbasiertes Wissen über deutsche Wohnimmobilien hilft unseren Kunden, sachkundige Beratung mit vorhersehbaren Wertsteigerungsinstrumenten.


We have working experience with German locals, International clients, American military members and civilian personnel. Home owners interested in renting out a property can rely on Immobilien Hauf to find interested renters within the Kaiserslautern Military Community and Rhineland Palatinate region of Germany.


"Miguel has been beyond helpful during our TLA stay and assistance finding a house. He has great customer service skills. His coworker George and boss Dennis are very kind as well. Oh yeah, the TLAs are pretty nice too!"

K. Sorenson

"These guys are some of the NICEST people we have met! Originally we started looking for a permanent home with them. Now not only have they helped us find that but also moved us into a TLA until it is ready. It looks like something out of a magazine. They have made sure we have been comfortable and have had everything we need at all times. My family is truly grateful for the professionalism and courtesy we have been shown. Our lockdown due to the Corona Virus has been tough. But this company has been there for us every step of the way. HIGHLY RECOMMEND them!"

A. Mills

"Best in a long line of TLFs.

H. Loader



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