Frequentley Asked Questions

1. What services do you provide?

We provide fully furnished apartment/homes and our list of amenities includes a vehicle, high speed internet, Smart Tv´s, washer/dryer, bi-weekly cleaning and a fully stocked kitchen.

2. Is a car/vehicle included with TLA TLF?

A free vehicle will be provided at no cost until you purchase a vehicle or your personal vehicle arrives from stateside.

3. What is the TLA cost per diem?

All cost for lodging (NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE) is covered by the government per diem, but the rate can vary depending on exchange rate, family size/age and the current lodging rate.

4. How can I/we book a TLF?

Booking is easy, the first step is checking availability with us via email or phone call.  Visit us Immobilien-hauf.de.  Images, locations and list of our services can be found online.  Via the website contact us so we can coordinate move in and provide all the information and policies regarding your stay with us.  

5. Do you have apartments available for people with disabilities?

Yes, we have apartments available on the ground floor that includes showers accessible via wheelchair.  

6. Where are your TLF’s located?

We currently have properties located throughout the KMC. 

Our Kaiserslautern-Siegelbach location is about 15 minutes away from Kleber Kaserne and 20 minutes to Sembach. 

7. Where do my kids go to school during my lodging stay?

Even when you live in lodging you will have to sign up the kids in the school where your lodging is at. If you book our Kaiserslautern-Siegelbach location, you child have to go to the Vogelweh school. Be aware when you finding an home in a different school district that your kid have to switch schools as well!

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